Meeting 2015 – Themes and agenda

As we wait for the Namex Annual Meeting 2015 taking place in Rome, on the the 17th of June at the “Casa del Cinema” in Villa Borghese, we wish for your particitation and prompt your submission.

We will open the Meeting with the latest news on the European strategy for the Digital Single Market, recently presented by the Commission, with the lawyer Innocenzo Genna.

During the morning we will make a point on the deployment of the submarine cables bringing data from the far East to Europe and landing in Italy: the role of our country and the relevance of the our exchange points will be discussed.

In the afternoon, some of the main experts for the sector will discuss the challenges related to the spreading fenomena of cyber crime and on the strategies to counter-attack the upsurging threat, in respect of the protection of privacy and liberty of expression, fundamental values of the Web.

More info about the agenda and invited speakers on the Meeting 2015 page. Registrations are open, REGISTER NOW !